¿El Machetero en la Gran Manzana?

I find myself amidst a swirl of trade rumors placing me in a New York Knicks costume! Can it be? I recall playing at Madison Square Garden for the first time two years ago. I suffered mild disappointments, as its court is actually rectangular, but the volume of Spanish fans there was most encouraging.

Even so, will I reside and compete in an arena of another's choosing? Is this free will free? On Palma de Mallorca, the tale is told of the folk hero Jorge Preguntos. Walking along a deserted beach one evening, Jorge noted a group of horsemen riding toward him.

Filled with terror that these were ruffians or cutthroats, Jorge leapt over a nearby wall and laid next to it, quivering with fear.

The horsemen, who were simple travelers, were fascinated by this odd reaction, and so they rode to the wall and spied Jorge lying down on the other side.

Can we be of assistance?” they asked. Jorge shook his head. The riders then asked, “What are you doing here?

Jorge responded, “It’s a complicated situation. You see, I am here because of you. Yet you are here because of me!

And so we see how the actions of men with free will collide in uncertain ways, and create a scenario that neither party willed at all! Thus is the dilemma of destiny constantly defined...along with an even weightier question: What in el mundo IS a Knickerbocker?


  1. Dude, i really hope you dont sign with Knicks and come to Panathinaikos, if you dont come now, please come in two years or so.
    Dude you are clever, everything in this blogs shows that you are not, how should i put it, dumb.
    You have an interesting view on most things and certainly you are not boring thus you enjoy life and you like challenges. I know in the back of your head there is a scenario of you signing with N.Y.K with James already signed and with 1 or 2 additions that could prolly lead to a participation the next NBA finals and who knows even a championship, i know you already said in your last post that you dont care being second (or sidekick) but you want to be the main pole the main hero but also you dont want letting pau being the only Spanish guy from your blessed with talent generation of players to have a (2) championship ring...
    All these i can understand and let me assure you i find it absolutely possible and higly likely to happen cause you dont lack the abilities needed in order to play a main role in a big play (as Pau did)..
    I honestly dont expect you to come to Europe and Greece, it's just my wish that someday will happen... also if you come to us you wont have to choose between two sides (Real,Barca) and you will play in a foreign team and still be catholically appreciated by the spanish audience. Anyway i hope someday we see in you with Green Shamrock on your chest waving on the air a Euroleague Cup.
    Good luck if you move to N.Y and please win the championship as fast as possible so that you can come to us.

  2. Rudy! Your destiny is with Panathinaikos!
    You have always looked great in green, but this time your are going to wear the right ones !
    Please come to Panathinaikos! You will be the lead violin of the orchestra ! NBA is not basketball, is just spectacles and show, a boring exhausting regular season with airplanes etc till the play offs! Your future is with Panathinaikos and Panathinaikos' future is with you !

  3. Rudy amongst all the rumors I keep reading about my beloved Heat, I came across one today that was a cause for much joy and hope.

    You need to find a way to make it to Miami, you would be a perfect piece to the Championship squad we are building. With Wade and Bosh drawing drawing much of the defenses attention on one side of the court I foresee you decimating the opposition with your nifty back-door cuts and finishes at the rim. On the perimeter we could really use your 3pt shooting ability and passing which I think is quite underrated but will come to light when your connecting with Wade/Bosh for alley oops. The fans and City are second to none and the Spanish community here is HUGE you'll be an instant hit with the fans. South Beach I don't need to explain what that means, I'm sure you've heard stories from other young, wealthy, NBA players.

    Oh and not to mention we face the Magic 4 times a season and it would come in real handy if you were on our side handing him facials (a la los Olympics). Do what you need to do to get here Rudy. Vale.

  4. Rudy, you wrote: "Even so, will I reside and compete in an arena of another's choosing? Is this free will free?"

    I'm not sure how it's done in Europe, but in the States when someone has a contract, they are expected to fulfill the terms of that contract. Right now you are under contract by the Portland Trail Blazers. If they prefer to trade you, that is their contractual right to do so...and your contract will be the property of another team.


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