El Machetero, a Su Servicio

As we await the Houston Rockets for this evening’s match in our home pavilion, I have a moment. And so, to the polling that ascertained my most auspicious nicknaming!

5.) El Matador, 12% of total with 40 votos.
To confess, this is a sobriquet I am pleased to have eluded.

4.) El Conquistador, 17%, 53 votos.
Yet this title would have been most welcome!

3.) El Bigote (“the Moustache”), 18%, 57 votos.
With the mixture of feelings, I bid adios to El Bigote. Even had it won, I could not have grown the moustache I yearn for. This was due to an executive decision. (Cristina is the executive. She made the decision.)

2.) El Mago (“the Magician”), 31%, 97 votos.
A moniker I have already enjoyed in España.

1.) El Machetero (literally “the machete wielder,” but a “trail blazer” in the more general sensing), 37%, 116 votos.

¡Estupendo! El Machetero combines a Pacific Northwest vernacular with the primal chopping behavior of the finest basketball players. Further, it may take lusty machete swings at the sturdy oaks of Yao Ming, Luis Scola, and Ron Artest to achieve victory. Let it be so, and a mil gracias to those of who partook in the polling.

¡Por favor deseo que la suerte!

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