Looking Glasses and Three-Goggles

In my childhood home in Mallorca, my bedchamber was wallpapered with mirrors. I would stand between the looking glasses and shoot the basketballs of Nerf. Doing so, I could see an infinite number of Rudys shooting as one!

This led to issues of profundity. Which Rudy through the looking glass was the real one? Was I me? Or was I the me who was once-reflected? Or thrice-reflected?

This was my first confrontation with the deep nature of existence.

It was also my last. I have better uses of my time! And with these much-ballyhooed “three goggles”, I see reality for what it is!

To be sure, not all of my mates agree. While Patty Mills is also an enthusiastic wearer of three-goggles, he still enjoys discussions on the layers of reality. In fact, he phoned me today to engage in just such a debate. But I made a pre-emptive thrust of the sword.

Patty, are you at home?” I asked.

Yes, I am, mate. Why?” said the antipodean point guard.

Because I am also at home. And that means that this argument cannot be resolved. We are arguing from two different premises!
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