Easily Does It

Beneath the warmth of Mallorca’s summer orb, it would be easy to languish in idle-otry. Yet I diligently persist in improvements to my skill settings!

Por ejemplo, I was recently involved in a “pick-me-up” basketball match. The opposing squads were comprised of German tourists, local fishermen, some street urchins, and even our local priest, Father Delarojas.

As we arranged ourselves for the bounding in of the ball, a pickpocket from the other team asked, “¡Dios mio! You have a priest in your midst?”

“When you play basketball as we do, it helps to have God on your side,” I joked.

Words of augury! We lost the match 21-19, and the final point scored when the good Father tangled the ball in his vestments, leading to an unholy turnover.

Though it was a friendly game (I took part in my flip-floppers, after all), it still hurt like an Andrew Bynum elbow to the fuselage.

“This is a tragedy!” I cried, thrusting my fists heavenwards, then casting an accusatory glare at the holy man.

“Father Delarojas did his best, Rudy,” demurred one of my opponents.

“And yet we lost,” I lamented. Is it my fate to lose ALL matches, from pavilion’s playoffs to the playground’s pettiness?

But such self-pity is only cause for shame! Thus, I chastised myself and swore (gently!) to do what it takes to become worthy of joining a basketball champion.

And now, I find that I am a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

That was easy!

Top foto from here
bottom from the Oregonian.


  1. Welcome to the Mavs Rudy!

    I really enjoyed watching your excellent performance for the Spanish team vs the US in international play.

    Better practice your three point stroke, you're going to get a lot of open looks next season off of Dirk double-teams!


  2. what, oh what, will happen to El Blog Ilusorio? It was often the highlight of an occasionally frustrating Blazers season!

  3. Nice stuff! I'm enjoying reading your blog here!

  4. Hey Rudy. Did you see the BVHM ( or something resembling that) insurance company ad about this years all-star participants ? It implies that your no-look under the basket pass to Nene was actually Ricky Rubio !! Ha ha

    Bring back the illusion because Portland sux!


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