The Polish Colossus

In a game filled with fervent nips and febrile tucks, Team España held off the Polish National Team with a tallying of 88-83. For my part, las estadísticas were of acceptance: 10 puntos, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 misconduct foul.

But while victory may have come our way, we are wary and forewarned. The next match against this opponent will be in Poland itself. And as a shaven-pated Polish colossus gathered 16 rebounds today, who knows what damage Marcin Gortat might wreak when he strides on the soil of his homecourt?


  1. Will Espana ever play France? Rudy vs. Batum?

  2. It's a Byzantine tournament system, and one that FIBA seems to go out of its way to NOT explain. Here's the closest thing to something that makes sense, and based on this, it seems like the two Blazers could indeed encounter each other:


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