On Entertaining Offers and Aiming High

Should a marksman fire a bullet at a perfect vertical angle into the air, the shooter need not fear being wounded. For as the bullet ascends and falls, the earth moves beneath it! This planetary rotation ensures the person’s safety.

Now imagine a three-point shooter lofting a shot. The ball climbs upward, until it is apexing. At that moment, if the ball had eyes, it would have a fine perspective! In fact, the ball might spy me languishing on the bench. And as the earth rotates, the ball either falls through the net or caroms off the rim...but either way, I will be shielded from getting the rebound because I am not IN the match.

This keeps me safe from the injuries that plague our team, yet I am still wounded...by my dearth of minutes!

Finally, consider the Russian ice-skating duo of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin. (Many NBA players —por ejemplo, Rajon Rondo— are enthusiasts of the skating.) When the Russians were derided for offending aborigines with the first version of their ice-dancing routine (top), they were undeterred. Why? The duo loves the ice-dance! So the pair re-tooled an utterly different ice-dancing routine which they unveiled to great adulation (below).

I understand the travails these dancers experienced, and like them, I too love to please the crowd and participate in my sport (though mine, sadly, does not allow the flinging of roses!).

This is a lengthy explanation of why, when Real Madrid offered me parquet time, I did not make a ruling against it. Why should I? Though Portland is a paradise, if I can obtain more game-times in Madrid, should I not entertain the thought... even as Oksana and Maxim entertain the world? Further, isn't an attitude of nonculpability essential to a talented player?

This I know: If I aim high, I will always be safe. That is science for you!

Rajon Rondo foto from SI Vault.

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  1. Your frustration with playing time is most reasonable. Though it may seem biased since I live in the US, I do personally believe the NBA is the paramount professional basketball league in the world. I further believe that you are of the skill level to compete in the best league in the world. That being said, I think it would be a shame for you not to compete with those in the NBA. I realize that your playing time is currently a frustration, but know that Rudy Fernandez is a favorite amongst Portlanders, and that I believe your skill and performance cannot be denied much longer. Eventually the opportunity will arise where you can be more of an driving force on the team, though I think your contribution is currently integral. If it doesn't offend you terribly, I hope you exercise patience with this decision, and decide to remain in a Blazers jersey. I get few televised Blazers' games here in Seattle, and I suppose would get even less Real Madrid games. Good luck. I still believe in the Trailblazers and their playoff push.


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