Señority Has Its Privileges

Due to the due diligence of Juan Carlos Navarro’s 8 for 11 strikes on 3-pointing, Team España completed a Polish conquest yesterday. This concluded our recent spate of matches at 2-1: Respective victories over Poland and Lithuania, preceded by a most bitter loss to Turkey.

And now we Spaniards are destined for a collision with Nic Batum and Tony Parker's undefeated Team Francia on the morrow! They are a wily group, but also capable of spurts of speed and fantastic leaps of imagination.

Remembering a memorable moment of Nic’s against the Lakers, I remind Pau not to allow a replay: “No permiten que el espigado jugador de encestar.”

Pau shakes his shaggy head sagely. “El equipo unido nunca será vencido,” he whispers. Yes, the team that plays together can not be torn apart. This gives me heart, and partially explains why I believe Team España can count for a good chance. Additionally, Nic Batum is only 21 years of age, while I am 24. So as a wag points out here, I possess the privileges of señority!
Top foto from RudyFans,
others from BlazersEdge.

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  1. congrats for the convincing win vs france. You shined at the three point line and the layups, but the gem was your quality feeds to pau, defining the true meaning of the word 'assist'.


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