Questionable Questionings of Manhood

Within my knowings, every male professional basketball player is un hombre de verdad: A real man. That is, if testosterone were alcohol, we’d all be over the legal limit. Even “nice fellows” like the Trail Blazers are, to a hombre, proud, competitive, and dripping in masculinity.

And of this group, Joel Pryzbilla is our king. Which is why I had to disbelieve my ears during last night's unfortunate loss to the Nuggets. As I stood near the sidelines and overheard this reedy announcer chirp about how Pryzbilla needed to “take a charge like a man.” ¿En serio? No one is MORE skilled at taking a charge (and the other manly arts) than Joel!

But perhaps this Reggie Miller has a very different definition of what a true male is. (This restraining order he obtained to avoid fisticuffs with a silver-spooning surfer suggests as much!)
Pryzbilla foto from the Oregonian


  1. Welcome back, oh famous nearly-Rudy! I look forward to your futuristic commentary astuteness with great need.

  2. Looking forward to you having a great season this year. I love watching you make those incredible passes and when you make a three you get so hyped up.

    Keep up the great work.


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