What Is This "Frágil" of Which You Speak?

As my return to the parquets grows closer, there is an excitement in my bones. But let us not overestimate things; I will not be able to leap tall windmills in a single bound! But I WILL try to right wrongs, vanquish evil, dispense truth, and remove Andre Miller’s callused digits from Nate McMillan’s throat. Such fire!

I watch myself, though. A periodista inquired as to whether I still feel fragile from the surgery. To this, I can only shrug and quote a wise man: “I don't really understand fragile. When I see that word it's on a shipping package, this side up.”

Today, I practiced with my antipodean mate Patty Mills on shooting drills. Some may question my need for this. To them, I say, I need shooting practice like Cervantes needed writing lessons. (Which is to say, I need it!)

See amimart1's translation of Rudy's blogging here.

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  1. Does anybody get how funny you are.. Cervantes... dood - hysterical. ahhaha


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