Existencialismo & Dunking

What is the importance of a dunk? There is none. Or perhaps, there an importance of meager proportions. Even as I soared like an Iberian condor against New Zealand, I knew that it will never matter to the world that I dunked individually. But by acknowledging the weaknesses of the dunk, perhaps my meager faith in it becomes all the more potent.

The implicit question is why, in the face of the possible futility of all human endeavoring, I dunk at all?

My answer: Dunking is a means to more dunking. And scoring against an adversary is a good first step toward illuminating one’s manhood! Further, dunking may not offer solutions, but poses good entertainments. And while, following losses to both France and the U.S., I am tempted to say that perhaps this is ALL that dunking really does, we must wait and see how we fare in further World Championship matches first!

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