Loosen the Hamstrings of Your Gullibility

The following image may strain your credulousness, so please stretch it out before reading further.

Finished? Then I say to you that this foto is transmitted unto you by a most respectable correspondent; that is, a correspondent who is far from credulous himself, and who has no interest in deceiving others, to wit:


That said, behold the the fate of a backboarding that foolishly stood in my path during a match for team España!
It is my most fervent desire to replicate this accomplishment in tonight’s match against the Nets of New Jersey. 

And if THIS individual is residing beneath the shards of falling plexiglass . . . ah, life would be sweet, ¿no?

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  1. oh my gosh thats so funny!!!!

  2. Rudy, did you change your numero to 66 for that game? You would then be known as senor Rafael Araujo.

    We will not be fooled by your deceivings!

  3. Rudy.. I loved the "accidental" elbow that Sasha received last night when free throws were being shot... what a baby!


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