¡Vote for me in the slam dunk initiative!

Snow surprised us in Portland last week and has not left us. When I arrived it had been made clear that Oregon is likely to rain every day and the truth is that you just get used to it. But the rain, as far as possible, does not force you to change your routines. But the snow ... Snow means you must drive carefully, take more time to go to the sites, etc. And with my whole family here! There were days when I could not leave home, only to train and I always drive with care by the ice. But I spent a good Christmas with family in my new home.

This week, the NBA has announced the campaign for the competition of the All Star to be held in Phoenix in February. For the first time, fans can vote for one of the four participants in the slam-dunk contest, a list of three rookies who formed the slam dunk party. The other two are rookies Joe Alexander of the Bucks and Russell Westbrook of Thunder.

I got the NBA's proposal to participate in this slam-dunk initiative, and although I am not the typical player who participates in contests, I accepted because it is a great opportunity to join the weekend of the stars, something that I have followed since childhood by the telly. At the end of last month came a team of NBA TV to record the promotion of training in the field of Blazers. I recorded some questions before the camera. I had to do a bit of comedy but it was fun. Now there are a number of videos of the three candidates on NBA.com and the fans can vote for one of the three... I will vote, of course.
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