When I have the ball, I experiment

In this Portland Tribune article some of my story is given. There I am able to say what it is like being of Portland's las más populares celebridades: The most popular celebrities. It was the same for me in Spain, but not the same. My privacy there was given to me more. Here in Portland, not as much. I hear, "Roo-dee! Roo-dee!" and turn my head fast. Is something wrong? No, just a fan. I will get used to this.

Sometimes fans say I am like Pistol Pete Maravich. I am not sure about him. He played for the Polish National Team?

In the article, I talk about my experiments with the basketball. Also, I talk about how Sergio loves to play the karaoke game called SingStar. With the mic, Sergio tries different things and is a better singer. And with the basketball, he definitely experiments too.

What else? I am in my new house and my parents and girlfriend are here with me. My girlfriend Cristina is why I have grown the beard. She likes it. As they say, she is a fashion model. But we are both regular people.

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