Would You Like to See Me With All Star Friends?

This is a Spanish article that goes with this NBA video about the Dunk Contest:
The escort of the Spanish Portland Trail Blazers, Rudy Fernandez, could be one of the participants in the slam dunk contest for the next All Star mates, to be held in Phoenix on February 15 2009.

Rudy competes with two other candidates to join such a prestigious competition. His rivals are Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Joe Alexander, the Milwaukee Bucks. The three have posted videos on the website of the NBA in explaining why they want to be in Arizona on February 15.

The Mallorcan, who speaks in English, Castilian and Spanish also said that he "making a kill in front of someone is a description of superiority." Rudy, who has shown his quality in his crushing of the rim.

Almost always accompanied by his compatriot and friend Sergio Rodriguez, Rudy has excelled at dunking and now has the opportunity to be among the best...Fernandez calls for the fan vote to allow him to outperform their competitors. "It is very important for me to be with the stars," Rudy said as he finished his promotional video.

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