The Blush Should Be on This Rose

In the mists of the not-far distant past, we were crushed by the Golden State Warriors... this, despite the factoid that they outfitted a mere eight players for the match!

Along with you, I dismissed this as an event of freakish nature. Yet since then, our misfortunes have mounted, dismounted, gathered feedbags, and then galloped off again, and I feel that a reign of unreality has usurped my senses.

Last año, we Trail Blazers were a powerful team in our home pavilion. Excepting the topsy-curviness of the playoffs, the Rose Garden was a bastion of our greatest strengths and most artful lay-ups.

No longer!

And now, other mobs of anarchy storm our shattered ramparts. For I see that Derrick Rose has been deemed by the Victoria’s Secret as “Chicago’s sexiest athlete." (Listen carefully: Those flopping sounds you hear are Joakim Noah and Patrick Sharp convulsing in jealousy.)

To be sure, the notion of basketball player as elongated beefcake is nothing new.

But the light heart (and low mind) behind Derrick Rose’s award is most derivative. Let me simply say that the jersey work of an enterprising Blazers fan last season is award enough for me! In fact, perhaps my Mallorcan concupiscence should be administered into our starting line-up... it might be the changing of the off-guard that we need!

Adición: To cap to the week's confusions, I viewed an American-style "football" game Thursday. It pitted two local universities against each other in what is known as the "Civil War."

I was taken aback by this moniker; as a Spaniard, you can imagine the dim view I have of such conflicts. But luckily, there were no Falangists in the arena, only fans clad in orange or green.

As to the match, I have no notion of what happened... but it was all very exciting!

Nic Batum from the Oregonian, Derrick Rose foto from here, Kareem Abdul Jabbar from SI Vault, Rudy’s jersey by Ben Golliver, Rudy at Autzen from draker.

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  1. Nic Batum is so beautiful.
    Please tell him this (though I am sure he is well aware).
    Glad to see you're getting out there and experiencing so much more beyond basketball!


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