Of Alley-Oops and Enchantments

And so another warrior falls beneath the scythe. With Joel Pryzbilla now out for the season, the ineluctable question is “Why has Fate singled out the Trail Blazers for its direst attentions?

Perhaps there is no reason, and the die was cast in ages past, when Greg Oden was a mere youth. This reminds me of how justice was administered in Spain back in Franco’s day. The tale is told of the judge sitting in his blackened robe. Before him, the defense lawyer and persecutor prepare their opening remarks.

The judge then gestures to the bailiff:

Bring in the guilty man.

You may well ask what I have done during my forced inactivities. Oh, I balked and chafed at the restrictions placed upon me! And so I had to add anti-chafing balm to my medications.

More happily, I plunged myself into the readings of books for full days and nights. My mind has been filled with alley-oops and enchantments, with quarrels, battles, challenges, wounds, wooings, loves, tempests, and impossible follies.

And so I now seek to return to the parquets to seek adventure and practice the qualities of a native Spaniard: To right wrongs, to be a boon to my mates, to seek eternal renown… and perhaps to enjoy some tapas before plunging into battle again!

Or, in the pithy words of the estimable Yao Ming: “Again I reprove that Tauren warrior.”

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