"¿Cómo Se Cuelgan?" (or "How's It Hanging?")

The query is posed: Why have we lost all three of our recent matches? There is no easy answer. But it is my belief that every basketball competitor is as Heaven made him… and sometimes a great deal worse.

On to a lighter topic: Before each match, my mates and I greet each other in a friendly manner. So prior to our contest against Miami, the conviviacious Jeff Pendergraph called out to me, “Rudy! How’s it hanging?

His reference was both alarming and clear. But I answered in good faith! “In briefs, scientists believe testículos descend for temperature reasons related to the fertility. Their hanging nature prevents the unwished-for activation of esperma by keeping the temperature of our nutmegs different from the body.”

But from Jeff’s crestfallen aspect, I could see this was not the hoped-for response.

Luckily, Greg Oden intervened. “The question is not ‘Why’s it hanging,’ Spaniard. It is ‘How’s it hanging.’”

A revelation! Well in that event, it appears to be hanging in a normal fashion, and I thank you for the concern. (Even so, I wonder: What manner of pathological curiousity leads to such inquisitions?)

Rudy foto from Rudyfans, Star Wars from ricko.


  1. God, I hope Greg and Rudy read this blog. HI-Larious!

  2. I found this blog through goodreads...this post is golden! Nutmegs!


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