Lost in the Jersey Translation

Over dinner the other night, Sergio and I got to the talking.

Sergio: Have you heard about the NBA's fantastic Noche Latina promotion? It is a celebration guaranteed to pondrá una sonrisa en la cara. (Put a smile on your face.)
Myself (enthused): How will the celebrations manifest themselves?
Sergio: The NBA has made custom Spanish versions of team jerseys!
Myself: ¡Exquisito! What do ours look like?
Sergio: No Trail Blazers versions exist. Only some teams got the prized translations.
Myself: A disappointment! But how are the lucky jerseys Latina-fied?
Sergio: In most cases, they put the Spanish word for "the" in front of the team name,
Myself: But the team name...?
Sergio: Is still in English.
Myself: So it is "Los Jazz"?
Sergio: The Jazz didn't get translated jerseys.
Myself: Noche Latina means Latin night. But in the actuality, a “Latino” is a Latin American denizen of the United States.
Sergio: .
Myself: These individuals would come from places like Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands. But not Spain.
Sergio (sighs): My supposing is that you're right.
Myself: What other aspects of Latina Noche could give us cause for jubilation in Portland?
Sergio: Besides sombreros for the Blazer Dancers, there will be free chalupas for any home victory of over a hundred points!
Myself (outraged): But they do that anyway!
Sergio: Check, please!


  1. "Trailblazer" in Spanish: "El Machetero" ("The machete wielder.) = AWESOME NICKNAME FOR YOU, RUDY

    p.s. As an adjective, Machetero means: "persevering, diligent, assiduous, persistent, tenacious, unremitting"

    =AWESOME adjectives for you, Rudy!

    Rudy "El Machetero" Fernandez!!!

  2. El Machetero!

    I second the nomination. - El Segundo

  3. G'day,

    I'm an Australia who follows the NBA and has to work hard to keep update. That being said, stuff the news - your blog is hilarious. You sound like the kinda guy that would like Basketbawful.com

    Keep up the good work!

  4. This is ridiculous!



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