Sergio and the School They Tore Down to Build the Old School

As stated, Sergio is a true freak for the new technologies. So when he learned that Charlie Villanueva of the Milwaukee Bucks transmitted a Tweet during halftime of a recent match, Sergio's one-upmanshipitude was unleashed.

“I will make a showing of how it's done,” Sergio claimed. (He enjoys a small rivalry with Villanueva, who is fluent in Spanish.)

“But how can you top his Tweeting?” I professed with the skeptitude. “Will you post a blogging at halftime?” He shook his head. “Transmit an e-mail?”

Sergio scoffed and then leaned forward and spoke with great secrecy. “There is a fax machine near the locker room.” He paused. “But that's not what I'll use.”

He would speak no further, but I think I know what Sergio is planning. And it is both unexpected and crazy! For as we drove home after the team meetings, my mate's eyes were ineluctably drawn to it: The mail box situated outside of the Rose Garden.
Rudy and Sergio from the Oregonian.
Mailbox from the Impression, etc.

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