Maladies Defined

Scoliosis: An abnormal lateral curvature of the spinal pillar.

Scola-iosis: An unpropitious downward spiral in LaMarcus Aldridge’s scoring. The condition is catalyzed by the barricading of the basket by a stubbled Argentinian. Aftereffects include clenched fists on one squad, clenched jaws on the other.
We edge closer to the abyss with a defeat at the hands of Houston last night. I have pride in my efforts: 17 puntos, 5 for 7 from three-point regions. (This included a difficult swishing with 17 seconds left that reduced the Houston lead to 81-80.) But it all turns to bitter polenta in my mouth recalling the ignominious finale.

As for Sergio, his regrets comprise a double-whamminess: This was a playoff loss in which he did not participate. Our coaches seem to have no confidence in his matching-upitude with Houston.

At the hotel after the match, Sergio swtiched on some Spanish hip-hop, then quickly turned it off.

I looked at him with the question, and El Chacho shrugged and said, “All music jars when the soul’s out of tune.”

A worrisome state. My diagnosis is simplicity itself: Victory will both bestow immunity from Scola-iosis upon LaMarcus... and grant Sergio a tuning fork!
Luis Scola foto from Mike Barrett’s blog,
Rudy from the Oregonian.


  1. Rudy,

    Keep you spirits up. You have done everything we've asked for and wanted this season. That shot at the end last night was one of the most clutch shot I have ever seen someone hit. You came through last night and no onelse did. Just remember how good we are going to keep getting with you, roy, aldridge and oden. Keep up your great attitude we love it!

  2. Rudy, you were great! You deserve more minutes.

  3. You Guys do realize this is an illusionary blog of Rudy?

  4. it's more fun to go along with it.


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