Events of Great Tumescence

The magnitude of what follows cannot be enhanced. I address it reluctantly, but wish to take no further evasions. So I sincerely go on the journalistic records with great finality:

I think I do possess a passing resemblance to Bret of Flight of the Conchords.

As to Sergio’s trade to the Sacramento Kings, I already put the matter behind me in the past so that here in the present I would not be forced to deal with it in the future. (See The Face of Doom.)

Let me add only that El Chacho will have much work to do with his new mates. In fact, his predicament reminds me of a Catalan joke which has been traced back to the Moorish occupation:
A man who can perform miracles is traveling when he comes upon a man suffering from severe gastro-intestinal distress. With a wave of his hands, the miracle worker heals him. Further down the road, the miracle man meets a woman suffering from dropsy and a combusting pancreas. A whispered word of encouragement cures her of her ailments!

Finally, the miracle worker meets a man who is crying hysterically. The miracle worker asks him what’s wrong, and the man answers that he is a fan of the Sacramento Kings. The miracle worker then joins the man and the two have a good cry together.
Sergio foto from The Oregonian.


  1. Tengo que decir que ese blog ha sido muy divertido recientemente. Es bueno que tienes recomendaciones al derecho (especialmente de TrueHoop! eres famoso!), y me sorpresa un poco que usas GameFaqs y BlazersEdge (dos sitios con que soy muy familiar).

    Ahorita voy a BlazersEdge otra vez.


    P.S. Gracias para el regreso de mi "time capsule".

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