The Face of Doom

I have gazed upon the face of doom.

It belonged to Sergio as he conferenced with Spanish news gatherers. El Chacho announced his conference call to confirm he has enjoyed his stay in Portland, and could he check out now? (Spanish article here, English take there.)

This came as a great surprise. I say this even though I recognize the impossibility of being caught flat-footed by knowledge I was already in possession of. (As a Spaniard, contradictions mean nothing to me!) , I knew Sergio was unhappy with the time for playing that he received. , the two of us have wondered aloud whether Nate McMillan understands the unique bravado that Iberian players bring to the pavilion.

And , I now recognize that if I am in Portland next year, it is most unlikely that my mejor amigo will be also. To stem the salty tide leaking from my orbs and onto my keyboard, I imagine finding a new companion in the 2009-10 seasonings. I place no limits on this individual; as long as he is Spanish, plays point guard with élan, and never wears a face of doom, all will be well!
Sergio foto from laopinion.es,
Rudy y Ricky Rubio from eurobasket.com.

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  1. Hi Rudy,

    As a longtime Blazer fan, I want to applaud you for all you have given to my city. I also want to say how sorry I am that Sergio will no longer be your teammate in the NBA. I don't think enough fans stop to think about what it means when a player is traded away; especially when that player is someone's best friend, or "mejor amigo."

    Now that I know you have a blog, I'll be checking back more often. Thanks again for everything. You're a joy to watch, and Portland loves you!


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