Sniffing Turkoglu and Turning Up One's Nose

I have made it a point to note with astuteness the qualities remarked upon by American observers of basketballing.

Thus, I have come to learn of the legendary glue players.
As epitomized by those like Shane Battier, these glue players do the hustle. And though they appear hygienic, the true glue players are covered with an admirable grittiness.

Further, their noble leadership and strength serve as the pivots on which their weaker mates swivel!

This is in direct contrast to the Turkoglu players. Players of this ilk are merely known for their ability to leave a turbulent wake of flim-flammery and pizza boxes behind them!
Along these linings, a hearty ¡Felicidades! to the fine personage who initiated the above graphic of amusement. (I especially enjoy my brandishing weapon; El Machetero would settle for nothing less!)
Shane Battier from Deuce of Davenport.

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