What a Bonbon, and Me with Diabetes!

There are a number of Spanish realities which can give Americans pause. One that came to mind during my recent photo-shooting with actress/model Leticia Dolera was the Spanish expression, “What a bonbon, and me with diabetes!” (This is as referral to my pre-establishing relationship with Cristina.)

It is a “street compliment,” but one without uncouth associations. We Spaniards also call slow-dancing “buckle polishing,” which always delights Jerryd Bayless.

Back to the bonbons: I received some of these candies in the mail. You see, I may have been an NBA rookie last year, but I am a veteran reader. For instances, I have a number of periodicals that count me as a subscriber. One of my favorites is La Lata.

In English, La Lata means “the can.” And when it arrives, to read the magazine one must obtain a can-opener.

The latest issue came in a hermetically sealed paint can. There is printed material, and also a collection of artistic objects created around the issue's theme. The new theme is “Vice,” and so the can includes dozens of pieces that dealt with everything from nail-biting to temptations of the flesh to chocolate. (Yes, my magazine came with bonbons!)

Did this give me thoughts of wickedness, iniquity, depravity, degeneracy, debauchery, and moral turpitude? ¡Naturalmente!

And somehow Leticia obtained my mobile number and even now is calling me. It brings to mind another common Spanish praise for a woman: “What curves and me without brakes!” I will let Leticia go to voice-mail, but still, La Lata has been a real can of worms!
Leticia Dolera foto from MagazineDigital.com,
J. Bayless from azcentral.com,
La Lata from the Wall Street Journal.

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