Triple Doubles and the Doubly Affirmed

In this evening's match, Nic Batum enjoyed a flirtation with a triple-double, with his 31 puntos, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. Well done, mi amigo! But while the triple-double is a benchmark that bench players rarely achieve, I sometimes wonder over its linguistic counterpart, the triple-negative.

Rasheed Wallace is the only player to my awareness who has a triple-negative this season. When asked whether he would stop leading the NBA in technical ecstasies, Wallace responded, I ain’t changing nothing for nobody.”

When I inquired of Dante Cunningham if this means Rasheed WOULD change his ways, Dante looked at me quizzically and said, Yeah, right.” Yet this leaves me none the wiser!

Further, this suggests that a triple-negative is STILL a negative, yet a double-affirmative (e.g.
“Yeah, right”) ALSO seems to be a negative?

Sometimes I despair of learning this wretched tongue!

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  1. this was hilarious!! I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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