Of Perspective and Iberian Trolls

In my postings herein, I must think my thoughts in Spanish. Then, I translate to the English! But translating my own cogitations is an impure process. Thus, as I read myself here, it is as if I were viewing a Flemish tapestry from the wrong side; I can make out the figures, but they are obscured.  It is a matter of perspective!

This is a misfortune, as anyone who has beheld the splendor of Flemish tapestries —or my writings in Spanish— can attest.

Nor am I alone! Many have viewed with concern my statements in a Portland newspaper suggesting that I may flee after this season concludes. Yes, it is true that my play has lacked the highlightings that marked my days with Sergio. And yes, in spots, my efforts have been spotty. (Yet when I have been hot, I have not been haughty!) It seems that this season, I have walked on eggshells…and they have cracked! But rest assured that my meaning was not that I am primed to bolt.

But reading the article from the wrong side of the tapestry, I discern that it might make sense for me to do so. In this way, I can misconstrue my own meanings! But consider: Is Nate McMillan reeling me in? Would I be better where I’d be Real-ing Madrid instead? 

And finally, why is Pau Gasol lurking under a bridge like a gigantic Iberian troll?
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  1. Rudy,

    I as well read that article, and though it did indeed imply that you might be happier on a different team, or back in your native Spain. I do recall you specifically saying you enjoy Portland and like playing in Portland. I think more specifically you have been playing hurt a lot of the season. Obviously this is going to hinder your play. The statistics aren't there this season, but nevertheless our team is winning. And you make a strong point that when you were hot, you were helping to carry a lot of the scoring load. It's a matter of getting hot again.

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  3. Mr. Fernandez,
    Thank you for taking the time to transcribe your thoughts in English. It's interesting to see how the translation of your Spanish writing turns out. Could you tell us whether you perform the translating with your own knowledge of English, or do you rely on a machine tool (ie, software) or a dictionary?

    Best regards

    --Fan in Salem (Oregon)

  4. The primary translation software I utilize include my prefrontal cortex, as well as:

    —the left posterior temporal gyrus
    —the temporoparietal junction
    —the ventral stratium

    For complex translations, I also use a pocket dictionary.


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