Jose Brought Us Ham!

I would like to start the blog this week wishing a happy 2009 to all readers. This year has many challenges for me, and I hope for you too. It is a pleasure to share them with you. As you know, I had the good fortune of being able to spend the New Year with my family here in Portland. Although I miss Badalona and Mallorca (and my dog Max), it has been nice to celebrate the holidays in a new city.

On the 27th, the Toronto Raptors visited, and my friend Jose Calderon. The day before the match, Sergio and I went to dinner with him and we had very good time. Jose has extensive experience in the league and is a very important player, it is always useful to listen to those who have more experience. And beyond that, almost anything better: he brought us ham! He has a contact in Spain, and now that we know that, we will always ask.

At the the end of the year we received the visit of the best team in the league: the Celtics. My partner Brandon Roy was injured and left me to begin a game for the first time in the NBA. I was not very successful, but I played many minutes and, most importantly, contributed to the victory in the final minutes. It's not easy beating a team like the Celtics, a team with many talents of intimidation. We got up and won without our best scorer. Against the Hornets, we could not win, which leaves us with a balance of three victories in the last six games ... we must restore victory on a regular basis.
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