Eminent Degrees in "Threes"

Our first match in the initial phases of the Eurobasket playoffs was a victory over Cuba, 94-57. It was a good scrimmaging, but the outcome was never questioned.

One dislikes scoring prohibitively against our overmatched Cuban comrades, so Ricky Rubio scored not at all. (Even so, he once crossed up his defender so severely, Ricky made him unintentionally cross an international border.)

My statistics: 10 puntos (2/2, 2/4 triples, 2 rebounds), 2 assists, 1 steal, 2 losses of ball ownership, and 2 misconduct fouls in 19 minutes of the playing.

Speaking of Las Estadísticas, let me bestow many strokes of gratitude to Señor Adam Price, who writes:


A friend of mine accused Rudy of being a volume 3 point shooter, so I looked it up. Among all Blazers with career 3 point totals of more than 100, Rudy has the second highest 3 point shooting percentage. (Steve Blake edges him out.)

Some of those guys played a long time, though, and had plenty of time to launch bombs. Only five Blazers in history have hit an average of 2 three-pointers or more per game played (and now we are down to two currently signed Blazers).

Some of those guys got lots of playing time, so I factored that out. Here is the final stat. Among players with career totals of at least 100 3-pointers with Portland, which one player has been the most likely to step on to the court and drill a three in the minutes he is given?

Answer: El Machetero!!!


My thanks, Adam Price! It is good to be recognized in this fashion. Truly, I have devoted myself wholeheartedly to my developments as a player. But as my father says, “For a man to attain anything to an eminent degree costs him time, watching, hunger, nakedness, dizziness in the head, weakness in the stomach, and other inconveniences.”

Then he would make me shoot 200 three-pointers and go fishing with him!

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