El Gran Hombre

A recent team injury has caused me to contemplate the role of large individuals. In my researchings, I have learned that in the 1950s, these oversized men began playing basketball from altitudes that were not thinkable at the time. (This 1957 comic rendering gives a notion of this.)

This brings me to the topic at hand: In practice the other day, Pau Gasol tore his index finger giving the swat to Felipe Reyes’ weak sauce. Pau's return to the parquet is unknown and doubtful.

Although the oversized hombre was once an outlandish addition to a team, now he is of the finest importance. Thus, one wonders how our Team España will fare in Pau’s absence.

If only we could procure another oversized Spanish individual. But where could we could find one?

The Jack Davis illustration is derived from this fine volume.
Foto from The Blow Torch.

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