The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly from Vanilla Sky's Tears

As is known, Joe Alexander will not exist at the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest. He is a talented rim-swinger, but there were not enough votes. Here the Buck talks about that:
"It just sucks because I put together some pretty cool dunks."
Perhaps Alexander can use these special dunks at his private dunk party? After all, it will be his party, and he can be crying and dunking if he wants to.

Are you in the know that "Vanilla Sky" is Joe Alexander's nickname? I hope that Sergio Rodriguez never gets traded, but if he ended up on the Milwaukee Bucks, then Spanish Chocolate could play with Vanilla Sky.

And if both Joel Pryzbilla and Sergio got traded, and then Darryl Dawkins and Jason Williams came out of retirement, the line-up could be:
  • Vanilla Gorilla (Joel)
  • Spanish Chocolate (Sergio)
  • Vanilla Sky (Alexander)
  • Chocolate Thunder (Dawkins)
  • White Chocolate (Williams)
This could be of interest.

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  1. Hey Rudy,

    I was wondering if perhaps you would like to do an interview about your upcoming participation in the dunk contest, as well as other basketball-related topics for the Kobestoppers.

    I would like to get your thoughts (in English) about our top 5 dunks we hope you perform in the competition: http://kobestoppers.blogspot.com/2009/01/quick-update-mailbags-and-top-5s.html

    Get back to me if you like the idea.



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