"Vote for me! ¡Vótame!"

There has been much discussion in Spain about the campaign of fans for my participation in the All Star Weekend. Many radio stations, newspapers and viewers have spoken about that and my friends tell me that the fans in the online forums also discussed it.

For those who do not know, this season fans can vote in the Slam Dunk competition by choosing one of the four participants. There are currently three fixed contestants: Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson, and Rudy Gay. The fourth contestant will be from a group of three rookies, and I am one of them. (The other two are from Russell Westbrook from the Thunder and Joe Alexander of the Bucks.)

The truth is that these athletes are incredible and I must say, I am not the ideal player for this. But if chosen, I will take it very seriously. Although the competition is incredible ... Oh, by the way, you have to vote to go to NBA.com/ dunk to vote.

There are many promotional videos for this circulating on the Internet. In my case, many things were recorded and only a little bit was chosen... As you can see from these outtakes in the video above, I was asked to act relaxed and not take the video very seriously. And I did improvise a song with a guitar. (I assure you that was not my idea.)

Besides the contest, I also have options to be chosen for the match against the rookies in a second-year players, which, of course, I would very excited to be part of. I have followed since childhood the weekend's All Star game, and to participate would be a dream fulfilled.

Addition: We played the Warriors yesterday. I had a good game. The photo is from the contest.
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