Errores Artística

Did you know? I enjoy painting! My palette is usually derived from an unusual list of ingredients which includes dyes wrung from espresso grounds, opponents’ tears, turnip greens, axle grease, the leaves of the Oregon grape, boiled jimson weed, burnt matchsticks, crushed spirits, pine sap, and the sodden red crepe paper streamers that are left over after home victories.

And when these hues fail me, I just use the leftover house paints that I found abandoned in Sergio Rodruguez’s garage.

But during our recent match against the Chicago Bulls, I committed an unusual artistic mistake. Seeing the opportunity for a most dastardly assist, I whipped the ball in an unexpected way towards the basket.

But it was then that Luol Deng’s visage intervened! A facial ricochet! The ball bounced off Deng’s features with a fearful thudding! Everyone in the pavilion quailed or cheered, depending on their dispositions as Deng took on a reddened, swollen aspect. It was not a hue I meant to choose, but ¿qué podía decirle?

Rudy foto from rudy5.net, tweet from Pdxtrailblazers.


  1. Le podrías haber dicho: Dang! Deng disculpa.

  2. Mi amigo guapo,

    I just wanted to give you thanks for looking over my property en Tualatin during this most difficult of housing markets.

    Claro, you are more than welcome to paints which are leftover from my post-trade renovation. Consider this a reward, for your oversight until the sale of my suburban home muy bonita. I apologize in advance for all the purple and black.

    Siempre companeros,


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