Philosophers Can Get You Fired

My courtship with the Trail Blazers, began with an official calling me while I lay on Mallorca’s warm sands.

Hola, Rudy? This is Tom Penn of the Portland Trail Blazers. Do you understand English?”

“Yes,” I replied, “I understand English perfectly, provided it is spoken with a Spanish accent.” This detonated a barrage of laughter and led to my joining my Portland mates.

So learning that Tom had been relieved of his duties was a surprise to me! None speak overtly of the matter. But apparently, Tom had “philosophical differences” with his colleages. 

True, that is! Tom is a Socratic adherent, while most staff members are neo-Aristotleans. Further, Tom’s manners were substandard, and in the NBA, a place where courtliness is prized above all. 

But in deference to Tom, I would rather have tapas at the beach without ado, than feed upon turkey at another man’s table where one is fain to sit mincing his meat an hour, and be always wiping his fingers and his chops, and never dare to sneeze or play Guitar Hero, though he has never so much a mind to it, nor do many things which a body may do freely by one’s self. 

That is how Socrates rolled!
Rudy foto from I Am a Trail Blazers Fan.

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