Questioning the Unquestioned

A good match last evening! My leg gave me some pains, but no matter. The besieged Dallas Mavericks timed out, and as we took a respite from the match, Coach McMillan enthused:

"You've just reeled off 12 unanswered points!" he said. "Keep it up!"

"You mean 'unquestioned points', yes?" I responded. As all orbs in the huddle rotated to me, I added, "As the Mavericks are not challenging our baskets, that signifies they do not question our ability to score!"

A moment of silence. This was broken by Andre Miller crying in his high-pitched voice, "Let's go get them!"

"Without question!" I added. Then, just to be safe, "Or answers!"

For a view of my post-match attire, see below.

Foto from the Oregonian.

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