The Play's the Thing

Behold, the playwrighting magic of Tristan Bernard, author of the globe’s shortest play: The Exile.

The curtain rises on a mountaineer in a remote cabin. An exile knocks on the door.

EXILE: Whoever you are, have pity on a hunted man. There is a price on my head.


The curtain falls.

Thus pathos is born in the time it takes to inbound the ball! But does the message of this pithy masterpiece speak to you as it does me? In my case, I confess the swirling rumors of my presence on the trading block give me pause as to whether a curtain will be falling in Portland sometime soon!

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  1. Well Rudy, Whether it be three point heroics or an aerial dunk-fest, your energetic entertainment on the pinwheel-decorated court is desired by us Portlanders in a Blazer uniform. You are a Blazer and should remain that way.
    Matt in S.E.


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