Lamar Odom's Astronomical Wisdom Salvages the Day

No matches are good or bad until thinking makes them so. Thus, I could look at my woeful performance in our defeat against the Celtics last evening as a travesty. I could gaze in the mirror and proclaim myself a Pharisee, a poseur, or a wingless beetle. But to what end?

Or one could take a happier look at the competition and say, "In our match last night, we Blazers placed second and the Celtics were next to last."

But let us take the spin off the ball. Driving against the Boston Celtics is like running through a forest of cacti. And as one pauses to pluck needles from one’s brow, their offensive campaign has already begun: Ray Allen emulating naval artillery and lofting distant bombs or Rajon Rondo attacking at close range with bayonets.

As for me, I attempted to unleash La Bomba on two occasions, but was twice called for offending transgressions. My only solace is in wishing Sergio Rodriguez good fortune with his new team, the New York Knicks. (Under other circumstances, I might jest about El Chacho in the Big Apple, but not this day.)

Wait— there is one thing that can cheer me: The knowledge that Lamar Odom thinks that the planet Saturn is closer to the Earth than the Moon!

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  1. Rudy -
    The rumors of you resigning with Real Madrid aren't true are they?

    -Blazer Fan (Seattle)


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