Eyeballing Is Not Believing

The off-seasonings provides time to relax and take up new hobbies. As stated, playing bumper-pool with Fernando Alonso is a new pastime of mine. I have also begun playing hockey! For full frontal disclosure, it is merely air hockey, but the pucks we play with are made from gold, so the stakes are high.

With opportunities to check media sources, I discovered this audio interview with Greg Oden. It seems Greg is currently somewhere in the bowels of the United States. Interested parties will hear the following at 8:10 of the interview:
Radio Personage: Eyeballing guys for athleticism…your FIRST glimpse of Rudy Fernandez, did you think, “Eh, this guy can’t be that athletic” and then all of the sudden he turned out to be pretty darned athletic?
Greg (laughs at the ludicrous query): He is, actually, um—
Radio Personage: You can eyeball him, and I think you would probably believe that initially…
Greg: …he’s definitely one of those wiry-looking guys that you wouldn’t expect something like that out of.
Pre-eminent among my questions is this: Why is this radio personage rubbing his eyeballs on me so mistakenly? Plainly, he cannot recognize 185 pounds of coiled Spanish steel when he sees it!
Rudy from RudyFans,
Oden from the Oregonian.


  1. My girlfriend sure can't stop eyeballing you.

  2. Rudy-
    Le adoramos! Vuelves a Portland rapido, por favor!
    How's my spanish? Understandable, I hope. :D


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