Of Performance and Glee

Summer days give me time to rhapsodize on the year's events that were shaded with subtlety... and thus, overlooked. Por ejemplo, today I consider the break that occurs in a basketball match following the second quarter.

Ah, sweet halftime!

It is unfortunate that the players must leave the court at this juncture. What noble entertainments do we miss? In the locker-room, I have been known to bend a wistful ear to the muffled sounds that pavilion spectators are enjoying, even as our coaches speak.(Of course, with my other ear, I listen attentively!)

Sometimes I even have the errant daydream of emerging back onto the court DURING halftime to take part in human bowling, odd dance skits, or novelty basketball shots. And during a pre-season scrimmage, I was able to do a “rookie dance” (above) wherein I was able to showcase the moves of mine that were busted and otherwise broken. (See also Remembrance of Dance Moves Past.)

So I understand better than many the allure and thrill of performing live. And it is this repressed urge for performance that has led to me exhibiting my acting talents! Although it is broadcast in España, perhaps you have familiarity with the Crackovia program on TV3? In this skittish piece, I appear at the home of Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, and Juan Laporta. In the ensuing hijinks, I even get to speak Catalan!
Rudy dancing from the Oregonian.

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