Love’s Tweets of Passion

It is a matter of no secrecy: Swirling emotions are all-important to the Spanish. Just witness the passion that courtiers like El Chacho and myself convey on the parquet!

And though Oregonians are noted for their mildness and passive-aggressive ways, I noted with pleasure that native son Kevin Love also yields to life's wild abandonments.

For instancing, here, Señor Amor states “basketball's an emotional game. Life's emotional, so I just acted on my emotions.” And what brazen and rash act of passion had the Minnesota Timberwolf initiated?

A tweet.

This week, Love's Twittering shattered the news of the firing of coach Kevin McHale. (This was in advancement of official team pronouncements to this effect.) What unrepentant recklessness! What a wanton, willy-nilly WASP!

With such floodgates of illogical feelings unleashed, it is only a matter of time before we see Kevin Love fleeing from the bulls in España... or Chicago!
Love/McHale foto from the Star Tribune,
bull runners from Notes from Spain.

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