Erfolgtraurigkeit Is a Dirty Word

Schadenfreude: German noun made of Schaden (damage) and Freude (joy). Thus the Germans coin damage-joy, or joy from the injuries that occur to others!

But while all of us have familiarity with Schadenfreude, it is passing strange that its opposite feeling is not more well-known. This is Erfolgtraurigkeit, or a frustration at the achievement of others. It is a sentiment of universalness, yet finds little use in American vocabularies.

Admittedly, Erfolgtraurigkeit does not roll trippingly from one’s tongue!

Regarding this emotion, Gore Vidal said, “Whenever a friend of mine succeeds, a little something in me dies.” Yet Vidal is a smallish individual, and perhaps the scope of his thoughts are bound by his stature. For my part, Pau is my close friend and Kobe Bryant is still my favorite player. So I say let the Lakers enjoy their garlands!

Besides, I am enjoying myself this summer every bit as much as the Black Mamba! (As an aside, I believe that someone should inform that oversized ebon rodent what a snake's diet usually consists of. ¡PUM!)
Kobe from Ball Don't Lie,
Rudy y Woody from RudyFans.

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