On Being a Man

Life is not a competition, barring cases in which scores are kept and winners and losers are established.

In the never-ending contest of manliness, we Spaniards have carried off the suspiciously-shaped trophy many times. For Spanish men know what is most important for the male— lack of pretense, camaraderie, and the company of nubility.

And the typical Spaniard preserves his innate masculinity by rolling out of bed laden with unshaven machismo.

To maintain this primal air, the Spanish gentleman utilizes shave oils, gels, grooming sprays, texture and grooming creams, waxes, moisturizer, shine tonics, pastes, fragrances, body washes, cleansing bars, and shave moisturizers.

For me, these ablutions result in three styles. There is my Classic Look, which is most ideal when attending important events. My Street & Casual Look (top) includes disheveled hair for a studied air that fits with urban youth. And then there is my Intimate Look, which Cristina forbids me from speaking of!

The cosmetics firm American Crew has recognized my stylings, and I am their company SpokesMan. (No matter my geographic region!) American Crew's motto is “Official Supplier to Men.” That makes me an Official Role Modeler for Men.

So I am Man. And my testosterone-inflected roar will be heard across international boundaries!

Javier Bardem from here,
Rudy from RudyFans.


  1. There is a part of me that wonders at the exclusion of the word "machismo" from this hypothetical blogging.

    Sure, "macho" appears, but this word is overused and frankly burdened with a number of preconceptions.

  2. I think machismo is a noun though.

  3. machismo means sexism


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