Spaniards Dominate Media Headings!

Even as Pau’s Lakers put the wrappings around the Orlando Magic, other Spaniards exert their newsworthiness. Firstly, there are fertile rumors stating that the Trail Blazers will trade Sergio to the New York Knicks on the day of drafting.

While this will consign me to a Sergio-less perdition, it would be a heavenly match for El Chacho and his new coach. Sergio can fast-break with his eyes duct-taped shut, and Mike D’Antoni will smile beatifically at what a skilled courtier he is.

I have spoken with Sergio about this New York prospect. Regarding it, El Chacho is mad past recovery, yet he has lucid intervals.

I have enough self-awareness to see that there are potential jealousy here. As is known, if I were not playing in Portland, I would prefer Madison Square Garden’s environs. This is because New York is not such a long plane trip from Spain.

Additionally, it is New York!

Superadequate news also comes from Ricky Rubio. He made less than $100,000 last year as point guard for my former Spanish team, DKV Joventut. Even so, to play in the NBA this coming season, he will need to come up with over six million dollars for his contract buyout! In this fashion, Ricky may have to purchase his way into the NBA.

If I were in possession of more assets, I would gladly assist Ricky in this respect. But last season, I made a mere million dollars myself!

(I am often asked for opinions on Ricky’s readiness for the NBA. For those truly interested, I am in agreement with this draft breakdown of his skills.)
Sergio y Rudy fotos from the Oregonian,
Ricky from WelcomeToLoudCity.com.


  1. Ooooh, a mere million dollars, I feel for you, really...

  2. A million bucks ain't what it used to be...unless it used to be a million bucks!


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