The Battle of Britain

The fourth quarter had been entered. Casting my orbs on the scoreboard, I could see that we, the reigning world champions, were down by four points against “GB”.

Great Britain?!

Our British opponents, had scrapped, scraped, and were prepared to toss us into the Eurobasket dustbin. Not to engage in hyperbole, but this would be the most colossal upsetting in international basketball history!

Desperation clouded out the latent gimpiness emanating from my isquiosural. (This injury precluded me from taking part in our shocking loss to Serbia the previous day.) And on our next defensive possession, I hit the accelerator in the passing lanes. I obtained a steal! Racing the court, I elevated— ¡Pum! ¡Esmaixada!

This dunking may have revived our wayward limbs, as we went on to a hardscrabble 84-76 victory. We survive another day. But will this battle with Britain inject life the torpor of our team play?
Rudy foto by Paco Martin.

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