Isquiosural Regions (updated!)

While I have written extensively on ham in the past (here, here, and here, per ejemplo), the hamstring is not a body part I have dwelled upon. And yet, my recent injury means I must make a clearing up for misconceptions. So, in short, here is what happened.

I damaged my right leg while taking aim with a three-pointer. Specificity-wise, I have a small fibrillary break (2 cm) in the isquiosural of my right hamstring. Does this sound alarming? Even so, I will still travel with my mates to Vilnius, Lithuania for the continuations of our Eurobasket competitions.

One supposes this is an honorable, if not noble fashion for a basketball player to be impaired. (At least it is superior to cutting oneself while eating an apple.) But will I take the court in future Eurobasket matches? It is hard to say. That said, my isquiosural has never prevented me from meaningful action in the past!

Adición, 3 de Septiembre, 2009: I expostulated prematurely. I failed to take part in today's match. Lithuania defeated our team by the unseemly margin of 94-72. We lost for the first time this summer! Make of this what you will; for my part, I blame the near-mystical influence of a Lithuanian giant (and former Trail Blazer): Arvydas Sabonis.

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