The Claw and the Spark: Missing in Action?

Tension, excitement, nerves. No more, I beg of you! With a record of 2-1, Team España has twice salvaged victory with the most anorexic of leads. To review, our first three Eurobasket games were as follows: Serbia crushed us. Great Britain frightened us. And Slovenia proved expert at the coming-back and led us into overtime!

The claw and the spark are missing from the red color of Spain. None of my mates could believe what was happening, but it seems our opponents have been touched by magic wands while we Spaniards play as if in mud up to our ankles.

More worrisome, our next three opponents are all more formidable than these. Saturday is Turkey, Monday is Lithuania, and Wednesday is Poland. In Poland!

If need be, I am willing to be a pillar of certainty on which others can build. Otherwise, we will suffer a fate even worse than the one that awaited Rafael Nadal at the conclusion of his recent match!
Rudy foto from RudyFans,
Nadal foto from here.


  1. Hi Rudy, you took Lithuania yesterday.
    You will take Poland tomorrow... Greece will be next one ... Turkey... and then you'll take France
    I'm sure of that
    The claw and the spark are waiting for you in your heads

    berst regards from Avila
    Juan Angel

  2. As Itu said, remember Italy at football world champs in '82: a poor, near knocked down team in the first stage, later to be world champions. Spain will show its true potential. And you will be that 'pillar of certainty'.... defense here, a steal there, a three pointer dagger and one of these trademark roundabouts around the lane to a lay up... go Rudy


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