Jostle with Care

The claw and the spark return! Team España had an outing yesterday against the previously unbeaten French in the Eurobasket tournament. The match began on a high voltage, with both teams charged up to capacity. What would ensue?

I soon learned, as moments after the tipping off, I received an overly-aggressive jostle from Boris Diaw. ¡Maldición! No one jostles me with impunity!

A visceral decision came from deep within, and I saw red. Unbidden, I began to unleash a move on our opponents known to my mates as the Spanish archer: El Bow! Thus jostling in return, I strove to be everywhere on defense... and I was successful in the endeavor! As I stripped the dignity and ball from yet another Frenchman, I thought I could hear Nic Batum cry out in desperation behind me, “Sacré bleu!” But that day, there could be no mercy.

The match went quickly; Pau Gasol assumed mastery of the parquet with well-nigh 30 points and innumerable rebounds. (My statistical meanings included 6 steals, 16 puntos, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists. My overall estadísticas for Eurobasket can be found here.)

And so Team España moves on; what glory or ignoble fate awaits us next?
Foto from FIBA.


  1. Rudy you were a little thief =0 and you outscored Batum Dayymm; will there be taunting at the locker rooms xD anyways Congradulations!!! Woot woot


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