Hellenic Semi-Finality

Poland may be far from my home, yet it is now a locale of comfort. When I jump onto the court, I am noted by the many Spaniards and they shout my name. It is as if I were in Portland's hallowed Rose Garden. This inspires me to play minutes and to leave things on the court. (Sometimes these things are portions of my skin, which is admittedly somewhat painful.)

And so it was with the semi-finality of today's match with Greece! My mates shared my enthusiasm— all of our cylinders were afire, and we hit-and-run the Grecians for a most dominant victory. If we can defeat Serbia on the morrow, we shall bring Spain its first ever European gold medal in basketballs. Wish us luckiness! (The game will be visible on espn360 at 12:15 PST.)
Fotos from FIBA Europe.

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