A Catch-and-Shoot-22

I am a child of the mean sands of Palma de Mallorca.

I point out this obviousness for a reason. It seems that even now, opponents and journalists are sometimes unaware that my lanky frame belies a coiled steel within! This steel was forged years ago in the languid heats of my home island.

Because Palma de Mallorca is Europe’s playground destination, its grittiness, like mine, is also frequently misunderestimated. But rest assured, mi amigo, semi-hardened criminals have been known to lurk in the few locations on the island that are not kissed by the sun.

Per ejemplo, as a teenager, my mates and I once returned to my home from a mid-day outing at the beach only to find a thief going through my family’s belongings. Given our numbers, the rascal had no chance of making the escape! Judging from his shamed countenance and excellent clothing choices, I decided to give him a choice: the police or a three-point shooting contest with me.

To my infinite delight, the thief chose the latter. So we escorted him to the local parquet, and minutes later, his wails could be heard throughout the community.

Police! I want the police!
Rudy foto from the Oregonian.

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  1. That was the day that the world's criminal justice system was solved. Also the day where Larry Bird became the greatest gentleman catburglar of all time.


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