Semi-True Confessions

To win last night in Oklahoma City was good, as it evened our record at 2-2. But why is the soil of our start so rocky? Matchups may be partially blamed. For instance, have you ever seen Steve Blake’s sock and sweater combinations? They are enough to put an Estonian off his lunch.

And now to my confession: Even with our inauspicious beginning, I do not mind a defeat as much as my mates. The reason why stems from my childhood:

The old fisherman gathering his nets in from the lapping waters of the Mediterranean turned to me. His resemblance to George Karl was uncanny! And when he spoke, there on the shores of Palma de Mallorca, his words were of a resounding nature. “The most exciting thing in life is winning a knife fight. But the next most exciting thing is losing a knife fight.”

I trust this explains my view adequately!
Rudy foto from the Oregonian,
Karl from Ball Don't Lie.

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