Iberian Marmots and Football Vixens Pave Paths to Victory

Did you know? The kingdom of animals can yield helpful sports perspectives! Per ejemplo, when the Iberian marmot finds itself backed into a corner, it does not concern itself with niceties. Nor is the fear of a non-unsportsmanlike technical on its mind. Rather, the fearsome rodent is prepared to lash out in any fashion that will ensure its survival!

With our current losing record, my mates and I can take inspirations from the marmot. And in the games ahead, we should attempt to apply what Joel Pryzbilla describes as "an old-fashioned butt cooking." (Ah, these zesty American idioms!)

Perhaps we may also take a page from this impressive football player de Nuevo México. She does not intend to be vanquished without a struggle... and may the rules be exiled to perdition!

Foto from PortAventura.

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